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RAW Organic Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is nature's powerhouse, packed with essential life components—proteins, amino acids, vitamins like B complex and folic acid, enzymes, and potent nutrients. Its high concentration of R vitamin fortifies capillary vessels, reducing stroke risks and bolstering mental clarity, euphoria, appetite, and metabolism. Known for its diverse benefits, from aiding prostate health to combating hair loss, bee pollen's cystine content supports natural hair color and strength.

Athletes turn to bee pollen as a performance booster while its positive impact extends to ailments like colds, flu, allergies, arthritis, and even diabetes. Our meticulous daily collection from diverse mountain regions ensures varied granule types, representing the rich flora of Pindos mountains—home to over 6,300 herbs. With a collection season from March to July, our strict procedures maintain its raw purity until it reaches you, although it may intermittently affect honey production to sustain hive health and growth.

Bee pollen isn't just consuming flowers—it's enriched with bee enzymes and substances, harvested by our organic bees fed exclusively on local flora. Our commitment is to provide pollen akin to wild hive collection. With over a decade of being Greece's first labeled organic/raw pollen, our success in the Greek market is testament to our dedication.

Forest & Flowers (Valia Calda)
Our Forest & Flowers honey hails from Valia Calda, a NW Greek national park with lofty altitudes exceeding 1,000 meters. Known for its dense pine and oak forests, rich biodiversity, and abundant wildlife including the Pindos brown bear, it's harvested in August—delivering a blend of oak and diverse herb flavors. Thick, rich, and often naturally crystallized, it encapsulates the traditional taste of Epirus, Greece's mountainous terrain.

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