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RAW Wild Collected Organic Bee Pollen


Experience Nature's Vitality with Ebion Bee Pollen

Our raw, unheated wild-collected bee pollen is meticulously gathered by hand from the pristine Arta Mountains. Free from artificial processes, Ebion stands for authentic, nomadic beekeeping, preserving the ancient Greek traditions. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, trust Nikos Ouranos and family for the purest Mediterranean Bee Pollen on the planet. 

Greek Pollen from the Pindus-Epirus Mountains

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Virgin Pollen

The Richest Source of Vitamins in A Single Food. Virgin Pollen consists of wild self sown Pears, Chestnuts, Willows, Dogwood, Spring and Autumn Heather, Oreganos, Thymes, Rosemaries, Rock Rose, Safe, Dandelion and other mountain plants. Bee Pollen is nature’s original multi vitamin; includes A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E, essential minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. 

  • USDA Organic
  • Wild-Harvested
  • Nutrient Dense
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Apiculture the Ancient Way

Truly the perfection of Mediterranean bee pollen. Wildflowers, medicinal herbs, and fruit tree blossoms from the foothills of the Greek Alps make our pollen the best natural multivitamin and a great source of minerals. Enjoy the sweet delicate taste, not hard like other pollens, our bee pollen melts in your mouth!

  • Small Batches. Limited Availability
  • Nature’s #1 Multivitamin
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Ebion practices nomadic beekeeping by moving the hives and attracting only wild bees. The ancient Greeks indulged in the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants and transferred their valuable knowledge to future generations like Nikos Ouranos and his family of beekeepers in Arta, Greece, the founders of Ebion bee pollen.

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See what has customers Buzzing about BeeVitamin

Real reviews from real members of our hive!
  • Cary Manahan

    Good in weird way ?!

    "Whoa... super tasteful. Didn’t expect this at all. K we’re not talking sweet or rich like but I don’t know how to explain it but like your tasting each flower , all different, some bitter , some fragrancey like , weird in a good way . It’s soft and fresh, you can tell. I’m gonna put mine in the freezer too , just like the other guys review. This is now a daily thing.i like starting new habits...."

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  • Traveler

    Simply the best!

    "We have been buying Bee Pollen for many years now but this is hands down the best Bee Pollen we have ever had. It truly cannot be compared to any of the others as this product stands out from all the rest. I am afraid no other pollen will ever compare to this one."

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  • Jason F

    Delicious and quality

    "This is a very nice honey. Not like any I have eaten before. This honey is thick and paste like it still has some viscosity while at room temperature, I live in New York so it’s quite cold out now. This is a raw honey so it can seem grainy with the texture since it’s has not been processed. That being said it’s a sign that you know your getting the benefits from the product. All the extra nutrients and minerals from the wild."

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  • EaglesFan4Life

    BEST Allergy Medicine

    "I've had really bad allergies for years. I tried several medications in the past, nothing worked. I wanted something natural. OMG, I haven't had allergies since I've started using this bee pollen. I reordered at the larger size, worth every penny!!! Taste buds differ, my husband likes it, I'm not big on the taste so I wash it down with a drink."

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  • Chris W

    The honey arrived solid. THIS IS NORMAL

    "This honey was wonderful. Arrived packaged very well. We just finished the jar today (I’ve been hoarding this stuff), and loved the distinctive and floral taste. The honey arrived solid. THIS IS NORMAL. Just put the jar in hot water for a minute or two, then remove and stir, and it will melt into the perfect consistency.
    I will be following this seller for their seasonal selections, as I am curious to try different flavors."

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  • Yaya

    Stop this is the Pollen you want! Look no further

    "These bees 🐝 putting in the work! I like to describe the taste as little velvety pillows of wild flowers🌷 Sweet and bursting with amazing taste, it makes me appreciate the hidden hills the Bees disappear to and emerge with pollen. I really like it! Thank you Bees 🐝"

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  • Carrie D

    Unique & delicious!

    "I recently "discovered" this Greek honey through a friend. Wanted to order some for myself - was happy to find this vendor. My personal favorite is the Oak Tree honey; different from any other honey I've ever had. Not as sweet as typical commercial honey, mild flavor & very thick consistency - almost chewy. I really love it (and I don't think I've never said that about any other honey before)."

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  • Celeste

    One word. Wow!

    "Handpicked deliciousness full of nutrition. LOVE the flavor. I can see how many people can go ahead and add this to smoothies, etc but I personally enjoy having a tablespoon of it. Softer than other bee pollen I’ve purchased in the past.
    It comes in a nice glass jar, and worth every penny!"

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