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Mountain Thyme Honey - Wild RAW Organic Greek Mountain Honey

 Our honey won 2012 silver medal winner at the BIOLMIEL 2012. (ITALY- Global Organic honey contest).

Experience the Buzz and Energy with Ebion Mountain Thyme Honey

As autumn sets in, our hives ascend to higher mountainous terrain, seeking the bounty of wild summer flowers and mountain thyme. Thriving above 1000 meters in rocky, high-altitude landscapes, mountain thyme blossoms from late August to October, yielding the prized 'mountain' Thyme honey with its rich red hue, dense texture, and exceptional aroma. Abundant in metals such as iron and copper, this honey boasts potent stimulative and antiseptic properties. Its natural crystallization follows soon after harvest, influenced by weather patterns, particularly requiring rain for blossoming while drought or harsh weather can halt its growth. This can interrupt our supply so grab it while it lasts!

  • Ships Same Day For Freshness
  • Nomadic & Animal Friendly
  • Wild Caught & Hand Collected
  • RAW & Organic

Ebion Honey is RAW

Preserving its live nutritional values and the diverse pollen collected by our bees from wild flora, predominantly herbs, in remote areas away from human interference.

Try Them All

Each of our honeys has its own unique flavor profile and use-benefits.

  • Mountain Thyme

  • Oak Tree

  • Red Fir

  • Spring Heather

We Love Our Bees

Keeping The Tradition of Nomadic Beekeeping

by moving the hives and attracting pollen from the wild bees. The ancient Greeks revered the therapeutic properties of bee pollen and honey. They passed their knowledge down generation by generation to Ebion. That’s why, collection and packaging follows a very strict procedure that entails cleaning and storing our products in their raw state. These mountainous Greek bees have access to more flowers, herbs and ancient trees than the bees of any other region, making this the most robust bee pollen and honeys in the world.

Mountain Thyme Honey - Wild RAW Organic Greek Mountain Honey

Mountain Thyme Honey - Wild RAW Organic Greek Mountain Honey


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